What We Do

Welcome to SVARfair. We are a specialist communications consultancy that create effective consumer and intermediary strategies for the‘Later Life’ market. SVARfair’s wealth of research and experience in the older client market has helped us gain a firm understanding of what is needed to create a clear and attractive Later Life service.

Our Expertise

SVARfair can help you develop your customer communication strategy and ensure you understand what is needed to meet the challenges in this fast growing advice market.

Know How

Choose us as your partner to deliver exceptional results. SVARfair as Later Life market specialists can assess and help develop your commercial activities and proposition
Developing specialist profiles of both the organisation and your chosen market market segments
Integrated marketing strategies
Above and below the line campaigns across all media
Working across all customer touch points local information, advice and service delivery as well as through tailored commercial activity
Acquisition and retention strategy.


SVARfair’s consultancy service has helped our clients achieve clear communication strategies, accreditation and quality assurance in their service offering. We have completed a range of projects that have specifically focused on:
Client relationship management (CRM) – marketing to specific customer segments, in particular those with life changing issues such as the elderly, divorced, disabled and bereaved. Advisers and providers devising approaches to treating customers fairly in after sales care, including the management of orphan clients.
Relationship management (RM)
Treating customers fairly (TCF) – identifying and exploring business opportunities through TCF principles.
Benchmarking advice standards
Quality assurance
Accreditation design
Delivering financial advice – across a range of different distribution channels and media. Piloting and implementing a generic financial advice service and on advising in the ‘older client’ market.
Financial capability – how the provision of appropriate information and advice can help consumers. The creation of support mechanisms such as offering generic financial advice and information, web guides on ‘how-to’ and on specific planning areas such as IHT
Later Life planning – establishing and developing better quality advice provision and accreditation for the older client market and Later Life planning training and accreditation.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – developing CSR themes around specific customer offerings.

Later Life Research

We undertake a wide range of research projects for our clients. These include looking at older customer expectations and developing quality research in areas such as attitudes to financial advice, products and customer trends:

  • Consultancy, Accreditation and Quality Assurance
  • Helping to guide you as an organisation with your consumer facing messages, guidance, and web strategy
  • TCF spotlighting less typical areas not always identified when conducting a gap analysis – looking at the commercial benefits
  • Independent reviews – analysis of proposals for new services and products
  • Mystery Shopping, questionnaires and polls

If you are interested in undertaking some independent and unbiased Later Life research or are a charity or educational body wishing to access our existing research, contact us at research@svarfair.co.uk

PR Consulting & Marketing Strategies

Know How’ when it comes to money in Later Life
Marketing Communications B-to-B
Marketing Communications B-to-C
Launchimg New Products and Services
Market research
Developing Later Life communication and marketing strategies
Developing specialist profiles of both the organisation and market segments


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Scottish Widows
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